Dvyne Design by Peter Perras is a well established and reputable business with experience since 1995.

Dvyne Design by Peter Perras extensive experience has enabled the company to develop a broad knowledge of various building design, whilst also acquiring specialist knowledge, mostly in residential architecture.

Dvyne Design by Peter Perras is a company committed to producing the best possible building design to any proposed site.

We are constantly up to date with the newest contemporary design trends, and push the boundaries of commercial, residential and medium to high-density development.

No matter what your development, we are your expert building design team.

Residential Design

We are specialists in the design of new homes as well as renovations to existing ones. We have been designing unique homes for over 20 years.

Medium and High Density Designs

We are experts in the design of medium and high density developments - whether a duplex, series of townhouses or a unit complex, talk to us.

Granny Flats

Wehen considering adding value to your property with a Granny Flat, talk to us – we will guide you to maximise your investment.

Commercial Design

We understand the complexities of commercial design, and have an extensive track record of successful commercial projects.

Dvyne Design by Peter Perras - Registered Design Practitioner DEP0001985 (All Classes) Accredited BDA Aust 6639 M.BDAA 7488.21